In 1979, Peter Guthrie was working as an engineer for Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick when a huge exodus of Vietnamese Boat People caused a refugee crisis in Malaysia. With the consent of his employer, Peter was contracted by Oxfam to work in refugee camps for three months. Upon returning to the UK, Peter identified a need to systemise the deployment of engineers during emergency situations and in 1980 RedR UK (the Register of Engineers for Deployment Register) was born.

Over time the RedR register expanded to include logisticians, security personnel, healthcare professionals, disaster management personnel, child protection services, shelter planning professionals, telecommunications consultants, ICT experts and public information officers among other humanitarian professionals. Red R now has organisations in the UK, Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, South Africa and New Zealand. All organisations are members of RedR International, set up in Geneva to coordinate the growth and administration of RedR on a global scale.

RedR NZ was established in 1994 and standby register membership now stands at over 90. There are many ways you can show you support for RedR NZ. Click here to explore your options.

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