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RedR New Zealand does not currently have a Standby Register or arrangements with agencies [Including United Nations agencies] that engage personnel for emergency response, or longer term development roles. However avenues to provide deployment opportunities are being investigated and advocated for.

RedR NZ is in te process of winding down and recommend that those interested contact RedR Australia about their training courses and Standby Register.

The Essentials of Humanitarian Practice (EHP) and Personal Security and Communications (PSC) courses. EHP and PSC courses, provide a comprehensive introduction to humanitarian relief work, and help develop critical skills necessary for work in the field. The courses are widely recognised in the development sector, and can help candidates gain an edge in this competitive field.

Some New Zealanders are in the Australian register, which offers potential for deployment with United Nations agencies through RedR Australia.  For more information, visit the RedR Australia website, and review their 10 step application system.

This is a rigorous and comprehensive application process, and those who chose to try to proceed through it are not guaranteed to be acceptance to the Standby Register. Also acceptance to the Standby Register does not guarantee deployment opportunities.

If accepted to the RedR Australia Standby Register, people are alerted via email of deployment notices and invited to indicate their availability and provide an updated CV if interested. If selected for the assignment, the person is contacted by RedR Australia and seconded to the UN agency for the assigned term. Travel, insurances and allowances are covered.

Further information can be found here:

pdf The RedR 10 Step System (0.10MB) 
pdf Register Application and Deployment Process (0.04MB) 


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